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Rena should really take a nap or something

Almost all packed, dealing with the kitchen stuff today which includes convincing mum I don't need to take half the kitchen and a chunk of the dry food with me.

I think I'm going to end up with more boxes for the kitchen then the rest, so maybe not all that successful. On the bright side I have yet to freak out, beyond almost giving myself caffeine intoxication this morning |D But then I've still got till friday, so I'll have time.

Also, new rp has started! I have yet to do a ic comment because I still have reading to finish for it, but I might get enough done by tonight, maybe. Its a small hetalia rp based on the american revolution, I'm playing South Carolina. So with everything else been giving myself a crash course in colonial sc history! Which I'm loving, its been way too long since I got to take a history class <333

Have I mentioned I'm a dork for history?

Also been playing video games, and done more cleaning in my room then I've done in the last ten years. Now if I could just get posters up before I leave, all will be shiney.

Assorted memes I want to do but I have to sit down long to do them. Pc is getting packed today so that pronunciation one will have to wait till sat at least.


Will stop rambling now, though there is a lot more going on. But I think I need to calm down some. Way too high strung at the comment
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