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First week of class, DONE! And ohgosh am I'm going to be bloging, three out of my four classes have a blog requirement, two of them being weekly. We'll see how that goes.

Lots of other stuff going on, including me finally starting to see Durarara (If I'd known it was by the writer of Baccano!, I would have got to it faster. But thank goodness for cosplayers getting you into series) and watching some other stuff. Sometime soon I want to do a post about Wandering Son, I liked it as entertainment but also lots to dissect with the how. Miiight even do episode by episode analysis, we'll see.

But in this post mainly wanted to mention how today went. It started late as holiday weekends should for college students though not really since I went to bed at 5am. |D STILL 7 HOURS SLEEP, but then I decided today was the day to try out the public transit some so I was out for a little over seven hours. Dad said I was my mother's kid for doing that, he would have stayed in. Didn't say it to him, but I thought that might have been the saner choice.

So tired.

It was both fun and tiring and certain parts were not so good. Like where one bus stopped somewhere besides for where the stop was, so I got inpatient waiting for the next one and walked the rest of the way. Which actually maybe the 17 city blocks were the best way to get there, as I ended up going to Twisted Root Burgers for lunch. Which was wonderful but oh so not healthy. Had deep fried pickles for a side.

Texting friends about that was fun, I saw some of what we're covering in one of my classes in action, Hika going "??????" as most not from the south would react, bf just said her little sister would enjoy that. Because we're only kidding a little bit when we say we'll fry anything in Texas.

Also went to Fry's, finally got Sukisho on dvd :D Got Eva 1.1 as well, so I'm ready for seeing 2.0 in theaters in a few weeks.

Now to try to finish eating, before I play more Layton I think. Because playing that in bed is about all I'm up to right now.

...Also, lj spellcheck doesn't think blog is a word. I'm amused.
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