renabunny42 (renabunny42) wrote,

brain cells dying

I'm just gonna curl up in the corner over there. And also not try to beat my head against the wall for some of the stupid I've read tonight.

"A great deal of fanfic is the product of longing by women for stories that bear some semblance to the realities of the human struggle for understanding, affection, and communication - all the things studios believe would be slow and boring if developed on the screen. And sex, while not boring, needs to be slow - or approached slowly in the context of character-driven relationships - in order to have the emotional content that women find satisfying."

Quoted in full with emph mine because oh gosh the issues. Yes, I like plot for the most part. But 1. WOMEN LIKE PORN FOR THE SAKE OF PORN SOMETIMES. I mean, has this book heard of PWP? 2. The sexism burns, so much. In general stuff I've found for my research burns. Did you know all slash writers are hetro chicks? And most of all none are guys. 3. I also like hatesex and hateflirting and fightflirting etc. This idea of fic in there is so so narrow and vanilla.

BUT I HAVE CATS DON'T DANCE ON. Which kinda makes things better. And my paper about gender in current Disney and Pixar films is a lot more fun.
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